The Complete Guide to Grants in the United Kingdom 2023

Tax Attorney Versus CPA: Who’s Right to Handle Your Taxes This Year?

A tax attorney and a certified public accountant are both trained to help you during tax season. However, they differ in key ways that might affect who you choose to hire.

Common Tax Errors Business Owners Make

This article explains one of the BIG tax mistakes that results in some business owners paying a lot more tax than they should. Read on to find out how to avoid this mistake…

Free Tax Filing – Use Online Software To File Taxes For Free

Almost everyone hates paying taxes. The process only reduces their pay and reduces the money allotted for other matters. This is one of the main reasons why many people hate paying taxes, especially if they are not seeing where their money goes.

When To Avoid Using IRS E-File

If you’ve completed your return and ended up owing money to the government, you probably don’t want to make use of IRS e-file, at least not right away. The theory is simple: why pay earlier than you need to, when you could hold on to those funds and make use of them at a later date? If you pay the government before the payment is actually due, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to put that money into your own projects, or on potential interest accrual for it over that time.

Four Free Tax Information Sources You Haven’t Heard Of

At first glance, this site is anything but clear and helpful. Like most of the code and legislation that it describes, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for on the government’s e-portal. But if you’re just looking for generalized information, doing a bit of exploring on the website could be just what you need. It’s packed with tax information, and even better, you know it’s accurate because everything is published and meticulously vetted by the government itself.

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