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Swimming Pool and Landscaping Businesses Hugely Affected by Unavailable Loans

U.S. Recession Indirectly Affects Other Large Industries, such as local contractors, pool builders & landscape companies. The prospective buyers are unable to secure financing for the project, and these contractors lose many important projects that could normally be constructed.

Factoring in Business Finance – The Right Way!

What does the concept of factoring in business finance mean? This concept involves the sale of commercial accounts receivable invoices to buyers at a discount. It is a very attractive concept. Nevertheless, you should learn how to do it the right way. Keep on reading!

Small Business Loan Source – Why Not Try For an Arc Loan?

By now, most of us have heard about the grand new loan product coming out of Section 506 of the American Recovery in Reinvestment Act, known as SBA ARC Loans (American Recovery Capital). You may also have heard they are difficult to get. Alternatively, some of your friends may have shared their frustration in being unsuccessful finding them with their local banks.

Why Trucking Companies Love to Factor

In the midst of the credit crunch, companies in many different industries are discovering the potential benefits of factoring their accounts receivable. There’s at least one industry, however, for which factoring isn’t necessarily breaking news: trucking, which has been taking advantage of the benefits of factoring services for years. Many trucking companies have discovered that factoring is a reliable and effective alternative to bank lines of credit for financing their working capital shortfalls.

The Best Commercial Loan Broker Training on the Planet

Looking for the best commercial loan broker training? If so you need to read every single word in this article! Wes-State is a reputable Broker Training company that has been established since 1976.

Small Business Loan Update – Is There Such a Thing As a Stimulus Loan?

There has been a lot of excitement in the wake of President Obama taking office, including the very first major enactment of his career, namely the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Before it was put into law, for good reason, there was much discussion of the dire need to help our small businesses that, under any economist’s objective point of view, needed help in this troubled economy. And because it addressed small businesses, there was talk that it had created a new Stimulus Loan Program so small businesses could receive needed capital.

Property Investment Loans and the Luxury Home Market Still Suffering

Both the luxury homes and the investment property market are still feeling the pinch of the credit crisis, with loans hard to come by and substantial excess inventory. The process of arranging loans to buy property has been drastically affected since the Lehman Brothers crash, and most lenders have increased their lending criteria by a substantial margin. It is unlikely that a borrower will be able to arrange financing without at least a 25% deposit available.

Can’t Get a Business Loan Because of Bad Credit? Get a Merchant Loan Instead

Getting a business loan with bad credit can be a daunting task. Jumping through all of those hoops when the chances of getting approved are next to nothing can be a real bummer. I remember the process; it took weeks just to get all of the records they wanted and another couple weeks for them to tell me whether or not I was approved.

Merchant Cash Advance – The Fastest Way to Get Funded

The problem with bank loans is that they take forever to process. In many cases, by the times it takes to actually get the money, you have either missed out on a great opportunity or you have gone bankrupt. This may be a slight exaggeration, but it does happen.

Getting a Commercial Building Loan During Times of Recession

People take out commercial mortgage loans every day. After all, all of the real estate you see when you look around you has been paid for by someone, be it a contractor, a landlord, a developer, or someone who purchased the building for personal use. Most of these people don’t have the money to just buy properties outright, especially with ventures running into the millions of dollars, so there are thousands of real estate loans open on the books at any given time.

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