How to Get Startup Business Grants for Women (U.S., World)

Beware of Casinos Gambling With Your Taxes

If you enjoy your visits to the casino, beware so this doesn’t happen to you. Make sure the casino is reporting your winnings correctly to the IRS & don’t pay taxes on another person’s winnings!

Ways a Limited Company Can Save Tax

There are various ways to take profits from your company tax-efficiently. Here are some of the most useful strategies.

How Small Businesses Can Budget for Accountancy Costs

When starting a new business don’t forget to include the cost of an accountant. Professional help with corporation accounts is a must for growing businesses.

Some Things To Consider When Starting A Business

Thinking about starting a business, an important accomplishment is to acquire some knowledge about general tax responsibilities. These tax responsibilities include entity choice, business taxes, accounting methods and healthcare.

Paying Too Much In Taxes? Here’s How to Reduce Them

As a business accountant and certified tax preparer, there are just certain things one will here every single tax season. “Why do I owe THAT much?… Why bother to make more money? All the government does is tax me more. Don’t you know any tricks to lower my taxes?” and so on. In this article I’ll talk about one REALLY good way to lower you taxes, and that’s having a home based business.

The Easy Guide for Understanding Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax was introduced in 1985. It is calculated on the gain that is earned after selling the assets at a higher price than its purchase price. Learn everything about Capital Gains Tax or CGT here.

U.S.-Canada Tax Issues

Americans and Canadians frequently run into their neighboring country’s tax laws. Although dealing with international tax concerns is often complicated, a special relationship between the United States and Canada offers some protection for citizens who earn income or conduct business in both countries.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle-Tax Credit

There is a tax benefit associated with the purchase of certain cars. The benefit is a tax credit.

Creating a Big Image for Your Small Business

Many internet businesses can be up and running with no stock and only 1 employee. But how can you make your small business look more professional and better-established?

So Your Business Is Up and Running? What Now?

An important first step for any business is to create a business plan. It will help secure funding but, just as importantly, helps define your business objectives.

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