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Having Bad Credit Doesn’t Automatically Disqualify You For a Business Loan

I’ve seen it a thousand times; a good, solid business being turned down for a business loan because they have made a few mistakes in the past. Let’s face it; bad credit happens sometimes…especially in this economy. So if you are a business owner who has less than perfect credit, and you need money to either expand your business or to even save it; you are going to need to figure out another way to get financed.

A Credit Card Advance Instead of a Business Loan – Why?

Getting a credit card advance instead of a business loan might sound kind of crazy to you but hear me out. You might be surprised.

5 Tips For a Successful SBA Loan

An SBA loan has successfully helped many small businesses. At the moment, qualifying to obtain an SBA loan is particularly challenging. The following information will help those looking to get an SBA loan to buy a business.

Businesses Struggle to Arrange Finance

Accountants and Mortgage Intermediaries have reported that a vast proportion of their small to medium business clients are struggling to obtain credit. Figures released by Venture Finance indicated that one in four accountants revealed their small to medium sized business clients had been refused credit or had funding restrictions imposed as the credit crunch takes hold.

Merchant Loan Lenders Provide Cash For Merchants

The government recently doled out $1 billion for the CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) program that allows consumers to turn in their “clunkers,” cars that get 18 or less MPG (and meet other requirements), and a receive $3,500 or $4,500 discount on a new vehicle. Last week, the government decided to infuse an additional $2 billion into the program, which has already “…helped [automakers’] companies, suppliers, scrap yards, steel producers and other small businesses,” (Reuters).

What You Should Know About Equipment Leasing

The goal of any company is to have positive finances and enough cash to be able to face operative expenses. A combination of the right credit to a medium or long term with the right amount of cash flow is desired. Equipment leasing is a financial measure that increases cash flow when not used as the only source of funding.

Getting a Business Loan With Bad Credit

I run across business owners every single day who have recently tried to get a bank loan, but have been turned down for one reason or another. Many of these people don’t even have bad credit. It’s just that the banks aren’t willing to take any risks right now.

The Best Merchant Loan Lenders

Choose the merchant loan lender that will provide you with the best merchant loan experience. Merchant loans can be very beneficial for small business owners, but the quality of your experience often depends on your merchant lender. That is why it is extremely important to understand what to look for when choosing a provider.

Searching Bad Credit Business Loans to Start a Business? Consider Bootstrap Financing!

Searching for business loans? Have you considered bootstrapping? Millions of “would be” entrepreneurs just like you, are frustrated because they just can’t seem to qualify for traditional bank loan financing.

A Merchant Cash Advance Makes Business Growth Possible Even in a Recession

I have seen a lot of businesses fail this past year. Many of them could have been saved if they still had access to the short-term business loans that they were able to get prior to this so-called credit crunch.

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