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Tax Considerations for Self-Employed Consultants: Auto Expenses and More

Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, Silpada, 5Linx, Pampered Chef – to name a few…. These are a small portion of the number of self-employed consultants in the work world. Many of them are sole proprietors who have little to no understanding of the tax implications associated with it or the tax deductions available to them, or what they need to do to file taxes.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help You With Personal Accounting Issues During Tax Season and Beyond

If you currently live paycheck to paycheck but aspire to have financial security in the future, you may benefit from meeting with a financial advisor at a CPA firm. This tax season, take the opportunity to connect with a professional who can not only file your taxes, but also assist you in financial planning.

Helpful Tips for Preparing to File Your Taxes

Tax season can be a time of great emotional and financial stress. Make this tax season as painless as possible by making preparations before you file your taxes. Although the prospect of filing taxes makes a lot of people groan, it’s something that we all have to do.

Ways to Keep Track of Your E-Filed Tax Return

Lets talk about what you should check before you file your taxes! The easiest thing would be for me to say EVERYTHING, but I want you guys to get some useful information out of this thing!

Delinquent Tax Sale: Your Questions Answered

There can be quite a bit of diversity between states and even between different counties. Accordingly, it’s difficult to provide consistent information about the delinquent tax sale concept.

Resolve Your Back Taxes This Tax Season With the Help of a Tax Attorney or CPA

Don’t let another year go by without resolving your back taxes. Consult an accountant, tax attorney, or other tax professional for help this tax season to start the coming year with a fresh slate.

Avoid Tax Problems by Filing Your Return Early

While you may be tempted to put off filing your taxes, there are a number of advantages to filing early. To prevent errors and avoid hefty tax penalties, make sure to file your return well before the deadline.

Should I Do My Own Taxes? When to Go DIY and When to Hire an Accounting Firm or Paid Preparer

Hiring someone to file your taxes can be expensive, but it can also save you time and frustration. If you’re a financial whiz, or if your return is straightforward, you may not need tax preparation services; however, more complicated returns can benefit from the help of a professional.

Four Tax Myths Debunked: What to Ask Your CPA Firm This Tax Season

Tax season is filled with conventional wisdom-some of which may not actually be valid for every situation. Learn the truth about some common tax myths, so you can file your return with your eyes open.

Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit This Tax Season

Each year, the Internal Revenue Service chooses to reexamine certain taxpayers’ tax returns, in a process known as an audit. The reasons why the IRS might find your return to be suspicious can vary, but you can take certain measures to reduce your audit risk.

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