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The Tax Preparation Software Online Revolution

A very long time ago, I signed up for TurboTax’s annual program, where they would charge my credit card and mail me their CD. In late 2012, they emailed me that my CD order was on its way, however it never showed up in my mailbox. When I went to their web site, I saw they now are moving toward the online model. They never told me that they decided not to charge my credit card or mail me a CD. It was not clear to me that their online version would be able to import last year’s taxes, and that helped me decide to look at the competition.

Dormant Companies Must File Tax Returns

In the good old days, the booming economy let the IRS focus primarily on income-earners. Many people used to set up corporations or LLCs, and then just ignored them. Even if people got a tax ID number for their LLC or company; if they never did any business, they filed no tax returns; and in the past, the IRS left them alone. For more than a few years, the IRS has been charging a penalty for not filing a tax return. The penalty charged depends on the type of entity filing. In 2010, the IRS substantially raised their penalty fees.

How to File For an Extension to Pay Your Taxes

Need to procrastinate on filing your taxes out this year? Then read on.

Tax Preparation Tips For The Middle Class

If you fall into the middle class, you’ll likely feel the crunch come April. Here are a few tax tips for avoiding a large tax liability at the beginning of each year. Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, these tips could save you some money.

Tried And Tested Ways To Lower Your Taxes Today

There are many ways by which you can lower your taxes. The success of all these depend on how careful you plan everything it entails. You need not engage in illicit activities just to achieve this goal because the law allows certain methods that are helpful to most tax payers. Are you keen to know them all? Read the rest of this article for insights.

Important Facts To Know About Personal Tax Planning

Personal tax planning is very popular among individuals who are seeking for reliable ways to keep their taxes at a minimum level. This is in respect to the fact that these dues imposed by the government cannot simply vanish into thin air. This process is very much legal and is easy to accomplish the right way provided that you have the guidelines.

Great Insights On Getting Best Tax Planning Strategy

Who does not want to experience lower taxes to pay? The answer is no one. This is why all income earners are always in search for the best tax planning strategy. This is a helpful procedure with the aim of cutting down the legal dues entitled to an individual. Whatever savings the latter can get from observing this procedure may be used for potential investments and other personal expenses.

Best Online Tax Preparation Software Programs

Many people do not understand the ease and simplicity of filing for their taxes on their computer. Most people hear the words taxes and computer and think of complexities that they just do not have the time for. If the people who think like this only understood how easy it is to file their taxes online, then they would be jumping for joy. When I first started using Turbo Tax software the first thing that came to my mind is the phrase “so easy a child could do it” Not only is it easy to file your taxes on your computer, if you have the internet you can submit them right then and there, talk about easy. The amount of time and effort that filing for your taxes online will save you is simply amazing.

Dealing With Tax Problems And Hiring The Right Tax Attorney For The Job

A tax problem can turn into a harrowing experience if you don’t act on it immediately. There’s no point in evading it because it will catch up to you eventually. You’re literally fighting a losing battle when the Internal Revenue Service is on your track.

Year End Tax Planning – Using Your Superannuation Fund

A Superannuation Fund is a great avenue to save tax. But this is not the only reason we should look at setting up a Self Managed superannuation Fund. This fund can help you plan for your retirement and give you control over the assets you invest in.

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