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Divorce and Taxes

When you and your spouse divorce, it’s more than just the loss of what was once a beautiful relationship and an interruption of your children’s security. Divorce brings a set of financial problems and this includes complications in tax preparation. If you’re in the middle of a divorce and you need free tax help, you should meet with a tax accountant who understands federal tax laws as it relates to divorce.

Understanding Tax Forms

Because everyone’s filing status is different, there are various types of tax forms a person would use to prepare taxes for delivery to the IRS. If you’re not sure how to fill out certain tax forms, you can get free tax help by meeting with a social service agency worker to learn how to fill out the tax forms.

Tax Deductions You Can Make

If you’re unsure which deductions you can make when you file tax returns, you’re not alone because each year there are new deductions and tax credits you can claim, and it can be tricky to determine if you qualify for the deductions. To get help with this you should seek free tax help from a credible nonprofit organization that helps families prepare tax returns. You can also get assistance with tax deductions by getting IRS tax help from your tax accountant.

Sources of Free IRS Tax Help

If you’re a low-income family who needs to prepare tax returns, you’re probably trying to find way to get free tax help. One of the most popular ways to get free IRS tax help is through the use of free online tax preparation software.

Retirement Accounts and Taxes

f you own a retirement account, it can be a difficult process when tax time comes. Certain types of retirement accounts are taxable while others are tax deductible and if you need to sort out the confusion, you should get IRS tax help from an accountant or legal expert who understands the current tax laws as it relates to retirement accounts.

Organizing Documents for Tax Return Preparation

You never want to wait until three weeks before the tax return deadline to organize all important documents and expenses because this causes unnecessary stress and you could make serious errors on the tax return. Instead, you should organize the documents at least four months before it’s time to file the tax returns.

Business Taxes Got You Down?

Taxes are complicated and often affect each other in very hidden ways. While different businesses types will include different taxes, there are four universal types of business taxes:…

The Effects of the Highway Funding Bill

As many of us know, Congress passed the Highway Funding Bill last week that will allow highway and transit spending to remain at current levels for the upcoming two years. Many are celebrating over the fact that our bipartisan government has finally been able to pass a bill without political gridlock. Others are celebrating over the fact that our national roadways will be kept maintained and in high quality.

Tax Credits That Are Easy to Qualify For

Tax credits are tax relief opportunities that help you save on your taxes, dollar for dollar. Unlike tax deductions that reduce the amount of income to be taxed, the tax credit is deducted from the final tax amount. This means that a tax credit is equivalent to a payout by the tax authority to the taxpayers.

Free Tax Services for Military Personnel and Their Family

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is the tax service organization that provides the volunteers who provide the tax services for employees of the armed forces. This organization works hand in hand with the Armed Forces Tax Council to provide the free tax services to the employees of the armed forces. The volunteers under this program include attorneys, CPAs and other tax professionals.

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