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E-Tax for Mac Is In The Works, But It Won’t Help You This Tax Time

Despite its promises to the contrary, the ATO doesn’t have e-tax for Mac ready for 2012. But they promise they are working on a application agnostic system for the future.

Healthcare Reform – The Truth About The Rumors

Lately we have heard a lot of rumors circulating around making statements about the approaching additions to Medicare Taxes. These tax increases are supposed finance the cost of Health Care Reform. To set the record straight these are some of the issues we think clients should know about.

Filing FBAR For The First Time? Read These First!

Filing an FBAR is a critical responsibility that every citizen with offshore bank accounts should know about. This article discusses the fundamentals of FBAR.

Support for Devolution of Tax Powers to Wales

According to a new survey, there is an extraordinary level of support for the devolution of tax and borrowing powers to Wales with approximately 81% of the local people in favour of a referendum on the matter. 2,000 Welsh adults took part in an ICM survey which was carried out on behalf of the Commission on Devolution in Wales and it has been revealed that nearly two in three believe that the Welsh government should be able to differ major UK-wide taxes. The highest level backing (coming in at 64%) was for the devolution of…

Taxes and Your Children

Because taxes can become confusing, it is important to teach your children as much as you know about them. If your child has a job, it is especially imperative for him or her to be familiar with the functions of taxes.

Choosing The Correct Filing Status

Choosing the correct filing status is really the first step that you take in ensuring that you will end up with a properly prepared tax return. You need to appreciate this, because your filing status determines a number of things, such as; filing requirements, deductions, credits, tax rate, and ultimately, your correct tax refund or tax liability. You must choose from one of five filing statuses, and you must know which one is correct for you.

Hillel and the Tax Man

Hillel’s three questions about ethical behaviour are directly applied to the subject of national taxation. 3 answers are provided, but in answering Hillel’s third question, a less obvious solution to the ethics of the government taking our money presented.

What’s the Difference Between a Townshend Tea Tax and a Super Gulp Super Tax?

Taxation without representation was one of the major sticking points causing the Revolutionary war with England. In fact, if you’ll recall the Boston tea party when colonists dressed as Indians through tea into the bay you might better understand. If you don’t know this history, I suggest you go onto Wikipedia and look it up. The Boston tea party led to the Townshend Acts, to skirmishes in the streets, and eventually to the Revolutionary war.

Gibraltar Budget Cuts Tax

The Gibraltar government has recently announced a series of tax measures as part of the 2012-2013 Budget. A major part of the changes is the reduction of import duties as well as cutting personal income tax billed across a number of categories of taxpayers.

How Much Is the Australian Tax-Free Threshold?

For this financial year Australia’s tax-free threshold has more than tripled. Find out much it is, how to claim it, and what happens when your residency changes.

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