3 Documents You Need to Complete a Nonprofit Grant Proposal

What Holiday Spending Is Tax Deductible?

Plan on giving this holiday season? Get a bit of tax relief when you do with these tips.

Updated Tax Reform Is Necessary Now

When digging deeper into globalization in terms of accounting I was able to narrow into the problems with global taxation. With a global respect to taxation the laws and regulations seem to be outdated; it seems to be that paying ones corporate taxes has a complexity that seems to be straining the system. This publication will highlight how the global taxation system has outdated itself along with insight on the countries that have reformed their tax systems.

Marketplace Fairness or Un-Fairness Act?

While the Marketplace Fairness Act was passed back in summer, the ramifications have been hotly debated by policymakers and business owners, alike. While the bill seeks to even the playing-field between brick-and-mortar and online businesses, many companies are crying ‘foul’, saying that the act could give tax collectors more power than they deserve.

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Tax Preparation Service

Are you looking for tax preparation services but you can figure out what type of service is right for you. Well, you have come to the right place. Here is a guide that will help you decide what type of tax preparation services you need.

Helpful Hints for Choosing a Tax Accountant

There are many different people who claim to be tax professionals, so you may not know how to find the right person for you. Helpful hints for choosing a tax accountant.

Different Modules of SAP FICO Training

SAP FICO standas for System Analysis and Program. In this article we will discuss different modules included when one seeks training. Second SAP FICO training programs and the rising importance of practical training in accountancy and its vast benefits.

Begin Preparing for 2013 Tax Filing Today

Although Tax Day may seem like it’s a long time from now, it’s never too early to evaluate your current tax situation. Doing so can enable you to take a few last-minute steps to ensure that you’re approaching your tax planning in the most efficient way.

Things You Should Take Note of When Looking For A Tax Service Professional

With a lot of professionals offering their services, choosing the right one is paramount. However, with some patience and effort, you could find an ideal tax service professional.

Professional Tax Relief: How To Distinguish With The Pros

Scammers claim to provide professional tax relief, just like the pros do. So how can you tell the difference?

The Real Value of a Tax Outsourcing Company

One of the most important activities that organizations engage in, and focus on, is their tax compliance obligations. As a result of newly introduced, toughened, and wide-ranging regulations, companies find it expedient to pay close attention to compliance with both local and relevant foreign tax laws. There is the need to spend both time and resources on such activities.

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