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Employee Stock Options: New Government Report Highlights Alternative Minimum Tax Issues

The Congressional Research Service recently released its report on the tax issues surrounding employee stock options, including the impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax. As noted in the report, over 10 million employees currently receive stock options as a form of compensation from their employers. With this significant a portion of the U.S. population being faced with the complexities of the taxation of stock options, a review of the Regular Tax and Alternative Minimum Tax treatment is essential to basic tax planning for those affected.

Summer “Tax School” Is in Session – Concepts for Parents of Children Getting a Job This Summer

After helping your kids find a job opportunity, there is a duty to counsel them about finance and taxes. Good financial habits start at a young age, just like anything else, here are some basic pointers to go over with yours.

Get Tax Debt Relief and Start Enjoying Your Life

Do you need some quick advice on tax debt relief. Here are a few options available to taxpayers to ease their tax burden and find assistance with back taxes. Find quality tax resolution services and find peace of mind.

Three Basic Tax Areas of the Affordable Care Act

There is a Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit that benefits low and medium income level taxpayers. Medicare taxes are expanded and a new levy is created. A good number of small businesses are exempt from the employer requirement.

US GAAP Vs IFRS: What Are the Benefits and Differences?

Summarizes the key differences between US GAAP and IFRS. Discusses the benefits the United States would encounter if they converted to the International Standard of Accounting principles, IFRS.

Tax Saving Strategies

Generally to save taxes the overarching strategy is to decrease taxable income and/or increase deductions. In this article I discuss a few items that can help along this path to savings.

Trucking Freight Expected to Grow 21% by 2023

The American Trucking Associations just released a report, which forecasts that trucking freight is expected to grow about 21% in the next ten years. How this affects the heavy vehicle use tax is explained here.

How Can the IRS Help Kids?

Did you know that sending your kids to summer camp can give you a tax break? The IRS will has stated that your expenses of summer camp will definitely help you out with your end-of-year-credit.

Filing Taxes Online – Read More About It

In decades past, you had to comb through bundles of paperwork and deal with the complex laws regarding the filing of your taxes. Nowadays you no longer have to file taxes the old-fashioned way because thanks to IRS tax help from local tax preparation companies, social service agencies and the IRS itself, you’ll get free IRS tax help in order to file taxes online successfully.

Filing Taxes As a Business Owner

If you’re a business owner you have more than the quality of your services and your staff to worry about although these are legitimate concerns. You’ll also have to make sure that your taxes are prepared properly to avoid legal problems with the IRS and your state’s treasury department. The best way to do this is to get IRS tax help from a local nonprofit organization that specializes in assisting business owners with preparing taxes.

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