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Secured Business Loan – Life Line of Business

Secured business loan is the loan which is approved against the collateral. It gives rise to smooth functioning of our business.

Commercial Equity Line Vs Fixed Rate Commercial Second Lien Position Loan

Many owners in the commercial real estate industry are unaware that a second lien position loan exists, and especially in this rough market. But yes, for the right scenario borrowers can still secure these second lien position loans. These programs are geared towards smaller projects though with real estate values less than $3,000,000. Loan amounts on the commercial line or commercial second mortgages are capped at $500,000.

No Credit Check Business Loans – Financial Support For Every Business

The modern age has seen the evolution of many entrepreneurs in different fields, as the mindset of people undergoes a tremendous change. Individuals now want to give concrete shape to their dreams and vision through the physical entity of a business organization. However, to achieve this objective they need substantial financial resources to help set up the business and also fund it till it becomes profitable on its own.

Business Leasehold Finance – Does it Cost Too Much!

Financing a short leasehold business purchase can be expensive for the unwary. Minimal competition between available lenders doesn’t necessarily mean a high cost commercial loan is the only option!

Getting Approved For a Business Loan Or Equipment Lease in a Time of Tight Credit

Anyone in the business of equipment leasing or commercial lending knows that things have changed dramatically in the past several months. For a company trying to acquire working capital or permanent financing, submitting a “clean” package is important now more than ever.

Calculating Global Income – What is it and How to Do It

Calculating global income on commercial loans is all about figuring out the borrower’s TOTAL net income. In other words, underwriters want to know all of the borrowers sources of income and all of their expenses on all business, rentals, and personally. What they are trying to get at is does the borrower cash flow over all.

Unsecured Business Loans – Makes Easy For Your Business Drive

Unsecured business loans are meant to provide the monetary assistance to the borrower. You can make your application online as well as offline, processing online though is preferred.

What Are the Best Funding Options Available?

As we all know, most entrepreneurs will need to borrow money at some point. The good thing is that there are several funding options for them, secured and unsecured that of course have different requirements. Sadly that’s also the bad thing.

How to Get Business Financing in a Tough Credit Market

The credit markets have been tightening for the last year and personal credit has become more and more elusive. Now, more than ever, we are starting to see a tightening on business credit and loans offered by banks. Banks are tightening their standards and dropping more liberal business loan programs as well. Here is what to do about it.

What You Need to Know About the 5 C’s of Commercial Lending

I have often been asked over the years what I look for when analyzing a commercial loan. While all commercial loans are not the same and certainly there is no magic box to decide the fate of a commercial loan, there are some very easy secrets that all commercial lenders and credit analysts look for to determine the credit worthiness of a Borrower.

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