Small Business Grants for Ethereum Projects

Small Business Loans in 2013 – Interesting and Positive Trend

The other day I was talking to an acquaintance at Starbucks about the banking crisis in Cyprus, and how the European Central Bank had negotiated with the banks in Cyprus to help some of their largest depositors to a rather large haircut. That’s unfortunate if you are a large depositor and all of a sudden the bank closes for two-weeks, and tells you they are taking 40% of what you’ve deposited, and dutifully keeping it. That’s enough to scare depositors all over Europe. In fact it has. So what is a large customer to do you ask?

Manufacturing Financing Helps Keeps Businesses One Step Ahead

Manufacturing companies rely on swift and accurate production to please their clients. Whether it’s a matter of creating items made to order or supplying them ready-made for consumers, manufacturers need to stay up-to-date or even one step ahead of everyone else. That can be challenging in today’s economy. For many companies, getting a loan based on a trend that hasn’t happened yet might be out of the question. For those in the manufacturing industry, it’s practically required for survival. Manufacturing finance companies provide the extra boost that some companies need to keep up with the demands of everyday business.

Business Owners: Protect Your Company From Fraudulent Attacks

Businesses can be targeted by fraudsters, too. If they are not prepared enough to defend themselves from attacks, they could be putting their business at risk.

Interest Rate Swap Example

Attorneys advising commercial real estate clients on interest rate swap transactions can benefit from the services of a swap negotiator. By partnering up with a swap advisor, the attorney’s commercial real estate clients can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Are You A Good Boy Scout?

Sometimes, borrowers have the best of intentions but lack the industry expertise to swiftly navigate the ebb and flow of the market’s products. There is a certain foresight one develops that affords a seasoned loan officer to provide expert advice coupled with current product knowledge to produce a closing which benefits both the bank and the borrower.

Credit Reports – No Maserati’s Please!

Over the years, I’ve worked with all kinds of investors… from those just starting out with their very first commercial investment, to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies developing large parcels of raw land into mega malls. One thing holds true… most of them don’t know the first thing about their credit reports or how to use them.

Deals On Wheels

Since the economic downturn of 2008, a record number of homeowners have traded in their overpriced, upside down, stick built homes for a taste of the simple life in a mobile home… yes, I said mobile home. Now wait a minute, don’t turn the page just yet, this is just when it starts to get interesting and lucrative… That former homeowner takes what’s left from their less than stellar (if any) remaining equity and oftentimes can pay cash for a state of the art, amenity filled home with no payments.

Are You the Cadillac or the Hyundai?

A man walked into one of the many Cadillac dealerships in Los Angeles to purchase a car. He was dressed in farmer’s bib overalls, muddy boots and was less than clean shaven.

Credit Repair 101

It seems now more than ever that the industry is forcing us to sharpen not only our pencils, but our skillset, as well. Since the recession, I’ve worked with clients who require credit repair for the simple fact that the market has turned their lives upside down. Many people have faced over limit credit cards, late mortgage payments not to mention the epic number of foreclosures in the market.

Ranking the Banks in Blythe, California

We rank the Top 3 banks in Blythe. This is a list that residents, potential residents, and interested outsiders should see.

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