House Passes $55B Small Business Grant Bill; COVID Relief Grants Also Still Available

Think Multifamily Loans for Big Buys

A family that eats together stays together and the one that takes on a multifamily loan together stays together for sure! For those new to the concept multifamily loans are typically given to families that want to invest in an entire apartment block or a gated society that will house only their family members.

A Business Loan Is Still Possible For Bad Credit

Bad credit is not the end of the road for entrepreneurs. There are still many options if you want to get started with a business and in need of capitalization.

Funding an LLC – Three Things to Consider When Looking to Fund an LLC

Corporate entities offer their owners and shareholders very good liability protection. LLCs may offer their owners better liability protection than C or S corporations do. That extra liability protection is the reason one should be careful when lending or investing money with a LLC.

Commercial Loan Advice – What Is Needed For a Business Loan?

The Chancellor has recently announced a new ‘National Loan Guarantee Scheme’ to support lending to businesses – yet why is there so little enthusiasm in response to it? The Treasury confirms this with these comments “the scheme might not increase the overall amount that banks lend to British Companies”. Businesses may see it as boost at a time when funding issues are a sensitive issue but the feeling is it’s just another tape ridden scheme to ‘help’ businesses survive in this tough economic climate.

Diversify Your Business Finance

The Government has announced a new initiative to help diversify business finance which will be led by UK industry experts from both the business and finance sectors. UK businesses still rely heavily on bank funding to help finance their business activities even though there are many alternative sources of funding available to them in today’s ever changing financial marketplace.

Understanding Receivable Financing Pricing And Rates Is Not Impossible! Invoice Discounting 101

Information on receivable financing and invoice discounting rates in Canada. Understanding Factoring Prices.

Microloan For Business – What Is It, Who Qualifies, and How To Get One

If you’re looking for a helping hand in starting your small business, a microloan for business may be the answer you’ve been looking for. This article explores what a microloan is, who qualifies for microloans and how to get one…

Your Bank and Business Financing – Reality Check

When comparing your bank financing to an independent equipment finance company, you have to make sure you are evaluating all the key parameters, not just one. Clearly, the fine print and terms of the transaction are more important than the big numbers. Banks work well within their space, but have proven time and again not to be as flexible or solution-oriented as an independent finance company which solely focuses on business lending can be.

In Your Business Plan – Explain Yourself Clearly, or Fail

Brief Overview: Your business plan needs to communicate the business to a complete stranger. Make the explanation very clear – be very wary of the assumptions that your culture makes about the way that the ‘world works’.

Michael Moore Says Its a Great Time To Be A Real Lender

Michael Moore recently made the argument, during a CNBC interview, that the future Steve Jobs could be out there, with the next idea to advance our society, but the big banks are not lending to small businesses or entrepreneurs, so we may never see it. Long term credit can be extremely cheap, if you have the right relationships and know how to present your package properly.

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