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7 Steps to Boost Your Finances in 2014

As 2013 draws to an end most people will be focusing on coping with the opportunities and challenges of the festive season. With the confidence for business in 2014 growing, SMEs are becoming more confident about their prospects. There is no better time get organised and put yourself in the best financial position for the new year.

The 2014 Guide to Hotel Loans

Financing a hotel is a much larger project than a residential home, and much trickier than a small retail or office development. Here’s what you need to know in 2014 if you intend to finance a hotel project.

SMSF Finance: A Tangible Property Investment Solution

Planning to buy investment properties such as retail, residential, commercial or specialized in Australia and look for better loan options? Self-managed super fund (SMSF) finance can be a great way for you to get fast cash for purchasing eligible income producing real property, even if you don’t have enough amount of money for buying your choice property. This sort of loan is also known as a “Do it yourself” pattern of saving and managing investment.

Introduction To Documentary Credits In Nigeria

Documentary Credit is one of the common international payment methods adopted by companies in Nigeria for the settlement of international trade obligations. Very many international exporters accept Documentary Credits issued by Nigerian banks. These exporters are taking the risks of local banks while others require the confirmation of other ‘international banks’ based in Europe, North America among others for some of the local Documentary Credits.

How Does a Lender Approve Loans?

Often when we apply for business loans we wonder why lenders ask a myriad of questions, some annoying, and why they take too long to form opinions. To understand the process of approving business loans, you need to examine the key factors that lenders consider and process involved. When you apply for a business loan, your loan officer will forward your application and the supporting documentation to a loan underwriter. The loan underwriter’s responsibility is to review and analyze your loan request and the supporting documentation to ensure that the request meets the lending institution’s lending criteria and to determine whether or not you qualify for the loan. The loan underwriter prepares an internal document called “credit memorandum”. A package containing a credit memorandum, underwriter’s analysis and recommendations is forwarded to a loan committee or an approving authority for discussion and determination.

The Key to Success: Access to Capital

These are the 3 strongest solutions for getting working capital for your business. Both companies which are not bankable and those that are, use these tools frequently to make up short term cash requirements. Other more drastic alternatives include selling off unused equipment, getting hard money loans against your business or personal real estate or adding more partners but these are viewed as last ditch efforts for companies which are slowly sinking into closure. Understanding the options of where to get money quickly before you actually need it can help your business survive and flourish. You will be able to make better management decisions and jump on those business-changing opportunities that inevitably present themselves.

Insights to Lending Requirements

Sometimes it can be daunting approaching the bank for a loan but did you know there are things you can do to better your chance of being approved? Here are some suggestions for Business and Commercial property investors to help you prepare for a positive outcome.

Banks Want to Lend Money

Sometimes it can be daunting approaching the bank for a loan but did you know there are things you can do to better your chance of being approved? Here is my weekly tip for Business and Commercial property investors to help you prepare for a positive outcome.

Are Cash Advance Loans a Viable Option for Business Owners?

The fact that lots of businesses, especially small ones, are interested in various kinds of merchant funding solutions is no surprise. One of the financial products that have grown considerably in the past is the cash advance loan. Loan Technically, this is not a conventional loan.

Is Revenue Based Finance Right for You?

Following rapid growth of software business in the recent years, lenders have become responsive to the financial needs of the industry and therefore increasingly innovative in their services. Unfortunately, traditional banks have not adjusted to the financial needs of the industry, thus allowing private and specialized lenders to fill the gap. Hence the rebirth of Revenue Based Finance. I say “rebirth” because, Revenue Based Finance is not new. As a matter of fact it has been around for decades. According to the Revenue Capital Association, “revenue capital has historic roots in mining, oil and natural gas where it is common to provide large sums of cash up-front in exchange for a percentage of extraction proceeds. Throughout the 1900s revenue capital increasingly spread to music, publishing, entertainment and also intellectual property licensing”

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